Sunday, August 21, 2016


I want to write a loving poem
or a letter of my past loves,
but then I find surprisingly,
it's me I'm thinking of.
I'm so cute , that I can't stand it,
it gets me to the bone,
while standing at a mirror,
I ask to take me home,
I try to play real hard to get,
I try real hard you see,
But how can I resist myself,
while looking there at me. hahahaha
written by Ted Nicol 8 21 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Forgiveness made easy

Do you remember when you were taught that in order to be forgiven, you must forgive ?
How hard that was to do because of the pain that you were feeling from the injustice that was done to you ?
Misunderstanding and the lack of research, leads to roadblocks for successful outcomes !
IT REALLY IS SO SIMPLE that I was blown away when I seen it and realized it takes no effort at all ( unless revenge is your priority ), then of course we are working on a greater problem.
But if you are one who follows the Christian belief , then forgiveness ( no matter what was done or how painful ) will come down to the simple rule of obedience to God's command to forgive.
FIRST,  obedience has NOTHING TO DO WITH EMOTION !  It is simply following an order given, USING THE STEPS shown on HOW TO DO IT !
The emotional part can be worked on later !
IF you read the bible, you will find three places in there that shows specifically how to do it.
Did you notice that when Jesus was hanging on the cross, that he NEVER said, I FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME ?
Did you notice when Steven was being stoned to death that he never said , I forgive you for what you are doing to me ?
What about Paul ???
What were the things that all three had in common ?
They all asked the Supreme Judge to not hold their actions to their charge, thereby setting them free from payment due from injustice done .
Jesus said, Father forgive them !
You see that none of them said that they forgave them , but all forgave by asking the Father to release them of their judgement due !
I can do my part in forgiving and obey God's command by simply asking God to not hold THAT sin of offense done to me to their charge and thereby securing my place of forgiveness and obedience to the Father while he is obligated to complete his word when he said Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
NOW, I CAN HEAL FROM THE OFFENSES DONE TO ME IN MY OWN TIME , for I am not God and I cannot set in the Judgement seat of God to say who is forgiven and who isn't ! ONLY HE CAN DO THAT !  But I CAN obey regardless of my pain and emotion.
We were taught in ignorant error I believe. As the pain of the emotion from injustice done to us, prevented our act of obedience to God , obstructing MERCY towards the offender and causing God's hand to be held to the call for judgement on our behalf and in effect securing judgement for ourselves !

  Please offer any comment to what I have found,,, THANKS

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old man in the mirror

How did I get to look so old,
with wrinkles around the eyes.
A bowing of my shoulders,
and a weakness in my thigh's.
A tremble seems to have control,
tis hard to move around,
I need help now, seems even more,
But harder to be found.

I look into a mirror,
don't recognize who I see,
I turn to face the man back there,
and realize it was me.

I turn to look back once again,
at the mirror on the wall,
The man I see staring back at me,
Isn't who I am at all.

I am the man who few years back,
Had stood both proud and strong,
who went to serve our country,
when our Uncle Sam had called.

I am the man who loved his wife,
and children that were born,
I'm not this man who stares at me,
with weakened body torn.

Yet, though I face reality, disappointment and dismay,
I know that these emotions,
are soon to fade away.

I'll smile at him, comb his hair and shave his gentle face,
and wink at him for we both know,
we're here by GOD'S GOOD GRACE

Written by Ted Nicol on 2-24-2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013


    Day at the beach in California
 Redwoods. first time I ever seen any in real life

 More Redwoods .

 My sons first time painting without any numbers or sketch , it was a blank board. I am proud of him.
 Me getting old and pudgy.  oh well !!!

 Top of the mountain where we live .

 Got this at the creek in Colorado

 Another drawing my son did on a church door with pencil.

The valley of where we live in Colorado.
I know this isn't much to see and if I had of been a little smarter , I would have taken pictures everywhere I have gone.  Someday I will download some pictures of when I was in Mexico.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MEMORIES OF...............

When the passing of time has found you,
and your friend youth has gone away,
Then you find yourself looking more to the back and not as much forward,
to the things of yesterday.
The strength that once was familiar,
now seems so hard to find,
When once was spent so freely.....
now rationed, by wisdom, of passing time.
Now, we are thankful for our memories,
through them we live again.
And once more share, Love and laughter,
with our families and our friends.
What gift we have these memories,
Though sometimes are not enough,
Yet still..... they carry us back in time ,
Written 02/27/2007 by Ted Nicol

Wednesday, January 30, 2013



If I could dream a dream of love,
while in my bed asleep,
I would dream I was holding you,
and that you were mine to keep.
I would pull you close right next to me,
and caress your gentle face,
and kiss those wondrous lips,
and pray I never wake.
Eternity would pass ,
and still dreaming I would be,
And never wake up from this dream,
just to keep you there with me.

Ted Wayne Nicol


Monday, January 28, 2013


I read a post the other day about dreams and their meanings, and it brought to mind two that I have had that were reoccurring. THE FIRST one that I have had was about me flying. What would happen is, I would begin to close my eyes and concentrate really hard. The harder I concentrated , I would begin to lift up and when I was about maybe about thirty or forty feet in the air , I would begin to fly like superman along a road. Still concentrating I could open my eyes and see where I was going, but then, I would see this beautiful dark haired, brown eyed girl  looking up at me and then I would lose my concentration and fall. When I fell I would land in a large mud hole in the road. Then I would wake up. This dream I had several times and always exactly the same. I found the correlation of my life and the dream to be like this.....EVERYTIME I would concentrate on being successful at my job, I would begin to rise in position and money . then as I began to gain go forward I would relax some and it would be then that I would meet a girl that was dark haired and brown eyed and I would then begin to focus on her and as soon as I would,,, down I would go and I would lose everything and have to start over.  HMMMM   .............I believe in SOME dreams having meanings, like when in the Bible the king called in Daniel and he interpreted the dream and it came true.
I have had one dream about a snake . it went like this, I was outside and decided to go into the house where the family was and when I went into the kitchen I saw a big blackish snake on the counter top looking at me with such hate in its eyes,  I started to pay it no mind and turned to walk away, but then I thought about the family and decided that I had better remove it. when I approached it,  it struck at me and I caught it with my hand around the neck just under its jaw, then I took my knife out and cut its body off just below my hand. Then I thought that I had better throw it out in the back into some weeds. when I did, it tried to climb up the weeds by using its mouth . It then worked its way out to the back alley and disappeared.  Now, who knows what that dream meant. But what I do know is that I have never been known to run from a threat but will go towards it even in my childhood. Some of which I have written here in my blogs. I have never said that I wasn't apprehensive before going into a fight or facing a deadly situation, because I have been. It sharpens your senses to your surroundings. I have face men with machetes and men with guns but if you don't panic, your chances are better.   If you have had a dream that you want to share, post it here in my comment area. I would love to read it. If you just want to comment, you are welcome to do so ...........Ted

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Father, Mother, Wife and Son
Daughters and Uncles and all that come.
A world in each of treasures bold,
filled with time and never old.

We waste our moments of life so few,
Never thinking at all, That time comes due.
When once was in them their so strong,
And then, in a moment, their lives are gone.

Memory's fond doth rage within,
As we pray to God, more time from him.
We wish to give our hearts thoughts true,
Of how we feel, our hearts so blue.
We cry, we weep, we scream in anger,
Yet nothing changes, no life there lingers.

It's there, on the path, of remenis,
That thoughts turn towards the words, I WISH.
I wish I had, I wish I could,
I wish I'd done all that I should.
To late it is, we often find,

Written by Ted Nicol on 1/15/2013

There is singing and then there IS singing.

I am one who LOVES good singing, but when there is Harmony, Then I cannot seem to get enough of it.
Here are some of my favorites.

The Hawaiian song is so beautiful for it's harmony.
The song From the moon and back reminds me of my Father in Law who passed about four months ago. It makes me think of all the times I had seen him and my Mother in Law  dancing in the yard loving each other and picking on each other. How I miss him. 

Friday, January 4, 2013


I posted an experience earlier of Gun's in my face at 14, And then I began to recall another experience with that same pellet gun.  Time has a way of standing still when certain things happen in one's life.
It took me a little bit to recall but I remember being 13 years old when we lived in a small town called Chamal Tamaulipas in Mexico. We had moved from a place called Ocampo Tamaulipas which I believe is about 30 or 40 kilometros  away from Chamal. These towns are now on youtube.
 It was there that I met my friend Manuel that I had mentioned earlier.
 On this one night, we decided to go rabbit hunting because there was very little moonlight, so I went home to get the pellet gun.
 My friend lived on the corner opposite of a cantina ( bar ). There was a street lamp there but it wasn't very bright.
As I was returning to my friends house, I was stiff legging the pellet gun because I didn't want the commandant to see it and take it away from me. but just as I was entering into the light , coming from the opposite direction was a girl and behind her was my brother.
 He let out a wolf whistle to the girl and they both passed me and disappeared into the darkness of the night.
 Now I don't know how old this girl was, but a guy was standing outside of this cantina and ran inside and told the girls boyfriend that a gringo was whistling at his girl.
 He grabs his machete and comes running out of the cantina drunk and hollering that he was going to part this gringo down the middle and starts towards me.
 I look behind me to see if he was talking to someone else, but by that time my brother was gone and I was the only one there.
SO I STOP. turn slightly sideways and waited. With machete waving he comes running towards me cursing and when he was arm and rifle length away approximately, I swing my gun up and place it about 4 inches away from his forehead and I ask myself, Do I pull the trigger or not.
I figured that if it looked like he was going to swing that machete, then I was going to pull that trigger.
 The man froze upon seeing the gun , not knowing it was a pellet gun, he slowly, very slowly lowered his machete , turned and walked away. I then went on to my friends house and we went to get the rabbits. I don't know if this is true, but I heard that he was told that it wasn't me but that it was my brother that did the whistling. Supposedly the next day he was trying to beat up my brother but the commandant saved him.


I am a missionary's son and began living in Mexico at the age of 12.
One day my friend asked if I wanted to go to a canyon to spearfish in the river there .
We gathered our things and I decided to take our two pellet guns with us in case I'd seen a duck or something that we could eat. Manuel took one, I took the other. we grabbed our bikes and headed to another of our friends to see if he wanted to go to, which he did. We rode out of town heading towards the place called Chavez curve where the Father of a girl I liked would always run off of when he was drunk with his truck. This was about seven miles from our homes. We got there and set up to begin our underwater skin diving hunt for fish. We actually got quite a few so we got out and warmed ourselves in the sun on the bank because the water was cold.
While we were warming, we began taking pot shots so to speak at the iguanas that were on the cliffs nearby. after a while we decided it was time to head back but on the way through the woods we cut some cactus to take home to eat and some chili piquin ( wild chili ). We were approaching the entrance to the town which split into a y almost the same shape as this letter y with the right side going into town and the left side going on to another town.
I was on a banana bike and my friends on regular bikes so I was going to be left behind when we started up the hill which was the left side of the y, so I took off to get a head start. Part way up the hill I glanced back to see if my friends were catching up to me and to my surprise they had taken the right side of the y leading into town. Turning the bike around I pedaled as fast as I could to catch up to them, about that time they to turned into an open field and as I am about to catch up to them I hear a pickup racing up behind us and then I hear the sound of guns being locked and loaded. When I turned to look I found a whole back end of a pickup loaded with soldiers and ALL of them pointing their guns at me and Manuel. We were carrying our pellet guns strapped to our backs. We also had not seen the soldiers in the truck until they were on us. The only thing left to do was to hope there wasn't a hair trigger on any of those guns.
The Sargent told Manuel and I to hand over the rifles which we did carefully. After looking at them he realized that they were not firearms but still did not know how to work them so I had to show him. I pumped it up and put one into a can in the field. I expected that he would let us go for they were toys and not real firearms. But instead he said that he was taking them. And he did.
I was born with a fight in me so when I was able to go to their base about three days later I went.
It just so happened that at the time I arrived , I saw the Sargent in a car with someone who looked to be of higher rank, so I walked right up to him. The Sargent got real nervous when he saw me.
I said to the higher ranking Gentleman, Sir would you ask the Sargent to give me back my toys that he took from me and my friend ?He turned and looked at the Sargent and said , What is he talking about ? The Sargent explained what had happened and at the very least he didn't lie about it. The Ranking Officer said , Where are his guns and the Sargent told him that he had taken them home and given them to his boys. With extreme intensity he told that Sargent to go to his house and bring back the guns. The Sargent took off on a run and about 20 minutes later I was thanking the Ranking Officer for his help. As I was leaving I could hear some very angry yelling . But I had my guns back. It was one of those guns that had saved my life a year or so before but that's another story.

These stories are true. I will post no exaggeration or lies. 


Here is what I believe.

If in strength, That one goes both ways.

If position, Then you should remember , things were done as types and shadows of what was to come.
Even though God made man first, He also said, It is not good for man to be alone. Indicating a weakness in a man.
 Man is type and shadow of position, purpose and responsibility because that is what God is all about. We are NOT set in that position to RULE over women.
We are put there to fulfill a purpose of Love, Protection and to give account for.
  The thing that you read about in the Bible is that the church is the bride, thereby indicating a woman's position NOT gender.
  So now one would have to ask, What is the roll that a wife plays or should I say, what is her purpose by design?


To accompany , to fellowship with, to serve, ( which goes BOTH ways by the way ) and biblically there is no sex in heaven therefore omitting that position of the wife ( church ) in heaven.
 That has its own purpose here on earth.


 For where we are strong, they are weak and where they are strong , we are weak.
 That is why we feel complete when we find the right one.
 For we are sick and incomplete until we have found her and then we are made whole.
 She is our STRENGTH and our completion
This is what I believe.


I was raised in church so to speak and forgiveness was always a topic within the churches. That I must forgive to be forgiven. It is true that within the bible it says that, BUT HOW ON EARTH CAN I FORGIVE when I have so much hurt and pain from the things that were done to me ?
 BUT I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER FOR ME. But first let me say, that forgiving DOES NOT MEAN FORGETTING or NOT HURTING. It takes time for that. It is much more simpler than that though. I noticed that in the Bible when Jesus was on the cross that he did not say , I FORGIVE THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ME, nor did Steven say I forgive them for what they are doing to me or Paul saying the same thing. BUT WHAT THEY DID SAY was , Father hold this not to their charge, Here is what I see, Forgiveness is Not me saying I forgive you, but forgiveness is asking the avenger to not hold them accountable for the offense done to you. He has said , that what you ask he will do, in accordance to his will of coarse. Also he has said that vengeance is his, therefore if I say to someone I forgive you but I withhold asking the father to relinquish accountability, then they will answer for their offense to you. My personal feelings in this is NOT ONE MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD INVOLVED IN THE HANGING OF CHRIST WILL GIVE AN ACCOUNT FOR THAT ACTION. But this is just my opinion

Friday, December 28, 2012


Before I go in to this, first, evaluate the temperament of your child or the child you will teach.
IF he or she is very timid , then choose a different approach.
My son has never been afraid of anything EXCEPT a pair of geese. and that was it. He was 4 or 5 then.
Anyways, what happened was that we had gone back into Mexico and for some dumb reason they would not let us back out for a while. So that forced me to have to leave him and his Mother there while I came and worked here for a time. ( Things we do for our families needs ). Anyways, while I was here I had purchased a nice Chevy Pickup.  Things were going good for a time, but then I suddenly started having dreams of my son and I going hunting for ducks down by the river.
In my dream I had shot a duck and it fell down on the bank by the river and my son ran down to the edge of the river to gather the duck . The river was always shallow but for some reason in my dream it became deep and in my dream he tripped and fell in. I ran down and jumped in and I could see him sinking with his little hand stretched out with fear in his eyes as he was sinking out of sight away from me. I was swimming as hard as I could trying to reach him but it was like swimming in honey. VERY THICK. He disappeared from out of sight and I lost him. I would wake up at that time with my chest hurting from the fear and desperation and the grief over the loss of my son and the total frustration and anger at being totally helpless to save him. THIS DREAM I HAD MORE THAN ONCE. it happened several times. I made up my mind to go back into Mexico to teach him how to swim. REASON ????  We had a river on one side of our house and a large canal on the other. The problem was, that there was a lot of water in that canal and there was two telephone post laid across and bound together for a bridge and that it got real slippery when it got wet . it was wet all the time from the kids swimming and jumping off of it into the canal. WORSE YET,,, it was the shortest route to the store which I found out that they ( my wife's family ) would send my son to buy cokes and things for them. If he had fallen, he would have drowned. SO I SOLD MY TRUCK and bought a small car and used the rest to go into Mexico. When I got there and as soon as I got there I asked my son if he wanted to go swimming and of course he said yes. We got ready and went to the canal. Standing on the posts I asked my son,, Son ! What would you do if you fell in ? He said, I'd swim !
I said , Swim then and nudged him off of the posts and into the water and then immediately jump to the other side of him because the current would carry him downstream and out of my reach if I waited. It was only up to my chest in depth but to him it was over his head. He went down , then came up , went down then came up went down once more then came up. I grabbed him and asked him, SON ! what would you do if you fell in ? He said, I'd swim. I said once more, SWIM THEN and let him go. He went down and came up then he went down once more, then came up. I grabbed him again and asked, SON ! what would you do if you fell in ? And he said, I WOULD DROWN. I said, NOW I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO SWIM.... Before the day was over he was swimming very well. You see , When he thought he could do something, he had no fear or respect for the situation. but once he realized that he could not, he gained a respect for the situation and paid close attention to me and learned fast. I NEVER HAD ANOTHER DREAM ON THAT MATTER..